There’s More to My Self Worth Than Numbers Alone

One of the attendees at DX2 Melbourne brought along a Rubik’s Cube. She held up one side that was perfectly completed, likening it to how she might appear online. Turning it around, she then revealed another side that was all mismatched, likening it to the side of her that people online don’t see.

I’ve really been mulling over this idea of perfectionism lately. A quick scroll through social media has me glancing at photos of people with happy faces or flat lines or enthusiastic captions.

Hey, I’m equally as guilty. Of course I want to share with you my victories. Of course I want to show you that diabetes doesn’t get the better of me.

But I’d be lying if I said that this was always the case.

Among all of this perfectionism, sometimes it feels difficult to share something that’s not perfect. There are times when I’ve been around others with diabetes, and I feel hesitant to check my blood sugar for the sake of the onlooker peering at my imperfect Libre graph.

I just feel like saying that I am not perfect.

Case in point, four days spent in Melbourne last week. There was lots of walking around, temporary basal rates, food aplenty and naturally some larger spikes.

But quite honestly, I wasn’t focussing too hard on any of that at the time.

Rather, I was focussed on having a good time and seeing what those overly Melbourne people rave on about.

There’s more to my self worth as a human being than numbers alone. Don’t ever forget it.


  1. My Libre lines told a similar story of the excitement and food in Melbourne. Perfectionism and diabetes are not friends. We do our best. 🙂

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