That Damn Clip

What’s the worst thing about wearing an insulin pump?

It’s not the feeling of attachment all the time.

It’s not the constant attention required towards infusion sites, batteries, pump lines and insulin cartridges.

I’m not even bothered that the pump is still not a freaking cure for diabetes.

What bothers me the most about my pump is that damn clip.

It wobbles. All. The. Bloody. Time.

Despite my many repeated attempts to tighten that tiny screw that holds both parts of the clip together, I’m lucky if I’m rewarded with a week free from wobbliness.

It doesn’t stay clipped to my clothes properly unless I actually thread the fabric inbetween those two bits of plastic.

It’s a bloody pain to pull apart from my clothes when I want to have a glance at it. Which, let me tell you, is quite a lot. Not to mention having to thread it back on again when I’m finished.

My affection for this delightful clip escalated yesterday when the two parts of my clip, held together by a screw, snapped apart.

When I called the Animas helpline to see about getting it replaced, I learned that this clip is only covered under warranty for six months. Yet the $9,000 pump is covered for four years, despite it already looking quite tired after one.

I can’t say I’m keen to waste another 30 or more dollars on a new clip that I don’t like, and which I know won’t last.

I’d love to buy one of those awesome clips on eBay that I could simply stick to the back of the pump. But of course then I’d be blocking the little infrared patch, which I need access to when I upload my pump data to diasend.

So last night, I went out to the shed and attempted a little DIY repair on my pump clip.

I’ve put the clip back together with a putty called Knead It, that dries like cement.

Cement will hold better than screws, right?


  1. Haha I love that you’ve MacGyvered a pump clip solution :’) I’ve never had this problem in all my years of pumping, but it sounds like I’m the exception, not the rule.

  2. Rick Phillips

    If you glue it on your side, it will,, ahh never mind. Actually I know with Medtronic if you call they will send a new one. I have actually started collecting them. I suggest giving them a call and I bought four of the new Medtronic clips.

  3. Hi Frank,

    Discovered your blog through Diabetes Daily. Really enjoyed your piece on “Remembering Why I Wear My Medical ID”, thanks for spreading awareness on the life saving benefits of medical IDs – especially for people living with diabetes.

    Hope you get a replacement for your clip soon like what Rick above said, I know how frustrating this must be (same with an uncomfortable medical ID!). New fan of your blog here and can’t wait for your next post!


    American Medical ID

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