Bells and Whistles

Back when I was first diagnosed, blood glucose meters didn’t have all the bells and whistles they do today. 

I had to keep that dreaded paper logbook of blood sugar levels and insulin doses. It was an absolute pain to have to stop and write things down, on top of all of the other diabetes management tasks. I often found myself filling in weeks of missing data prior to clinic day, and even fudging some. When my diabetes educator pointed to a spot in the logbook and asked me “what happened here, Frank?” I was left scratching my head trying to remember. 

I love how far blood glucose meters have come since I was first diagnosed. Back then, blood glucose meters weren’t as flashy or stylish as they are today. They were boring. 

Today, meters have USB ports. I can simply plug my meter into the computer before an appointment, and upload the data from all of my devices to computer software such as Diasend. I don’t need to scratch my head every time I’m asked “what happened here,” because Diasend compiles data from my insulin pump, meters and Libre into one easy to read report. 

Today, meters have backlights for testing in the dark, colour screens, bolus calculators, alarms, smaller test strips, smaller samples of blood, stylish cases and cooler lancing devices. There are Mum and Dad businesses online selling stickers and accessories to brighten up our diabetes devices. 

Thanks to all of these features we have today, I have developed a newfound appreciation for good old fashioned finger sticks.

Diabetes can feel so monotonous at times, that these small features really do help pep me up in my daily management tasks.


  1. Rick Phillips

    We get a new thing in the world soon. A light that shines a white write on the test strip. I love the light thing. I hope that your doing well Frank !!!

  2. Even with all the bells and whistles I dont use them.

    I do like it when new tech comes out though and I play with it for at least 5 minutes before giving up. I keep trying to do the ‘twitter’ and join OzDoc but I can’t figure out the twitter. Anyone would think I was 90 not in my late 20’s.

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