Insomnia, of the Diabetes Kind

I stir in my sleep. Not like stirring on a fresh morning, after a relaxing night’s sleep. But rather stirring, as a result of nocturnal discomfort.

I open my eyes and squint at the bright red display of the clock radio sitting beside my bed, which reads 2.12am.

I feel hot. I’m not sweating. I simply feel hot. Mostly in my face. You could feel it in my face, for sure.

My mouth feels like the Sahara desert. It’s dry. And salty. It’s nauseating. I so badly want a drink of water, but can’t be bothered getting up and out of my bed.

I desperately need to go to the bathroom, but at the same time don’t want to budge from my bed. Discomfort wins out. I drag myself out from my bed, and into the hallway.

I stumble through the dark, not wanting to switch on any lights. I don’t want my eyes to adjust to the light, otherwise I’ll never get back to sleep. I don’t want my blood sugar levels to get any whiff of light either, and begin triggering dawn phenomenon before morning has even arrived.

I emerge from the bathroom. I grab a glass from the kitchen cupboard, and a bottle of water from the fridge. I pour the cold water into my glass, and slowly begin to relive my mouth of it’s revolt. I could easily go for another. But common sense wins out here, knowing that I have no inclination to budge from my bed for another bathroom break until morning.

I slip back into bed. I toss and turn, My eyes are closed, but my mind has zero inclination of nodding off. I suddenly have the urge to rip the light green blanket from my bed, despite feeling cold when I tucked in several hours ago. I want to turn the fan on, but I know I’ll probably be shivering by the time I wake up. My pillow feels more like a heat pack than a pillow. I flip it over, hoping that the cooler side of it will help me ease into a sleep once again.

It’s nearing 3am, and I can’t believe that I’ve been awake for a whole hour.

Do I get up and watch some early morning television in the sitting room adjacent to mine? Do I switch on my bedside lamp, and grab a really boring book? Do I stay here in the dark, continuing this pathetic attempt at sleep for a while longer? Or is it time to begin counting sheep?

This, is what hyperglycemia feels like.

Restaurant food does it to me nearly every time.


  1. I have had that most nights this week. CGM has been falsley alarming (I wore an expired CGM so its reading is way off….but I didnt want to waste it) lows and then I ate pizza which is a huge no no if I want to sleep.

    Hope you’ve had some sleep since. Gosh, Bed is incredible. I hope the inventor of bed got a nobel prize.

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