Clinic Days

Clinic days always feel a little extra special to me.

It starts with anticipation. I feel like I’m going in for a job interview of sorts, rehearsing in my head what I’m going to say when I’m in there. I’ve got a list of notes on my desk that I add to in the days leading up to my appointment, of all the things I want to bring up when I’m in there.

There’s almost always a period of erratic blood sugars in the lead up to the appointment. It doesn’t matter how good my numbers have been in recent weeks or months, it always happens without fail. Entering into evidence yesterday arvo…

And of course, those most recent numbers are the ones that appear first on a Diasend report!

I get to leave work a little earlier than normal, which is always a bonus. I head onto the Freeway and drive towards the city, which is usually a breeze. I remember to bring my satchel with me, after having to walk with full arms and some very weighty pockets last time. Wallet, keys, phone, pump, wifi hotspot, meter, skittles, appointment letter, water bottle…you know the drill.

I search for free 2 hour parking on the street, rather than having to pay $6.60 in the hospital carpark. Weather permitting, of course. I cross the busy road, and follow the pathway adjacent to some beautiful green gardens.

By the time my appointment is done, I’m usually feeling pretty good about myself. I walk back to my car and begin the journey home, by which time I usually get stuck in traffic. When I finally get to Leederville, I pull into the carpark and grab a free one hour ticket. I walk through the alleyway and cross the road, where I arrive at Chocolateria San Churro. I usually order a regular takeaway White Hot Chocolate, which costs me roughly the same amount I saved on parking.

I have to manage type 1 diabetes every single minute, of every single hour, of every single day, for the rest of my life. I check my blood sugar, count my carbs, dose my insulin, eat my food and get on with my day. Until I have to do it again. I put a lot of work into keeping my blood sugar levels between 4 and 8 as often as possible. Yet I hardly ever stop and give myself some credit for my self management efforts. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just that I’m more focussed on trying to live my life at the same time.

Results pertaining to my diabetes management aren’t the only special thing about a Clinic Day. Clinic Day gives me a chance to stop and reflect on my diabetes management efforts, and give myself some credit where it’s due.

A White Hot Chocolate is my reward for getting through another few months with diabetes.

Here’s to many more…


  1. Rick Phillips

    One great thing about being a person with diabetes for 42 years is that i never get too upset about doctor visits these days. My CDE is my advisor, I take care of my diabetes, she gives me advice. No stress, but no rewards either.

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