An E-Mail To My Electoral Candidate

To my Electoral Candidate,

Just a quick response to the e-mail you sent about your campaign for the upcoming State Election. 

I wanted to tell you about something special happening in my life. Something so special, it happens every single minute, of every single hour, of every single day. In fact, it’s so special, that I get to keep it for the rest of my life. 

Exciting, right?

Six years ago, my pancreas did something unprecedented. Something very grassroots. It decided to call it quits, and handed over the reigns to me. A commoner, would you believe it? All of a sudden, I was in charge of trying to mimic a working pancreas. This meant giving insulin to match the foods I eat. Adjusting insulin delivery based on the carbohydrate, fat, protein or glycemic index of my meal. Matching insulin delivery to any physical activity I undertake throughout the day. Keeping my blood sugar level above 4 mmol/L, in order to keep my brain functioning and remain conscious. Keeping my blood sugar below 8 mmol/L for as much of the time as possible, so that I can maximise my chances of living a long and healthy life. 

Sounds like a tough gig with extremely high stakes, right?

I live with a condition called type 1 diabetes. A condition that is often unpredictable, operating with a mind of its own. To stay on top of this, I can often be found pricking my finger. Sometimes, as often as 20 times per day.

Sounds intrusive, right? 

I’ve received care through a public hospital diabetes clinic for many years, but it’s hardly been adequate. Patient numbers continue to grow, while resources continue to be stretched thin. I reached a point where I felt I was no longer getting the personalised support I deserve to help me manage my chronic condition to the best of my ability. This means forking out my hard earned money to receive the support I deserve.

I sometimes wear a device that continuously monitors my blood sugar. A device that keeps me safe from the lows and the highs. A device that gives me a great deal of convenience, allowing me to more quickly respond to the lows and the highs. I’d like to wear it full time. I’d like to try other Continuous Glucose Monitoring devices that are on the market. Yet this device, and others like it, are not currently subsidised in Australia. It costs me a fortune to wear. This is on top of all of the other life challenges facing young adults in Australia, that I am sure you would be well aware of.

You are campaigning for a man who will be a Premier for every West Australian. In my books, a man who truly is a premier for every West Australian, would not let me live through such injustices.

Warmest regards from the bottom of my broken pancreas,



  1. LOL, How about i write a few of your and you can have mine. Please take them all but i have one in mind I will glad send. You likely already know much about him. After all your countries media mogul billionaire made my billionaire. I might trade you Mr. Ruppert for Mr. Trump. Ahh, never mind, I have both.

  2. Please tell me you sent this. I hope you sent this. And that its read, because its amazing & very creative. ‘Grassroots’ is a great description. I feel like all the hipsters could get on board with this. Instant people for your cause.

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