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Is it coming unstuck?

That’s the million dollar question that plagues me through the day. I often find myself prodding my arm, just to make sure that my FreeStyle Libre sensor is still there.

It’s pretty hard to tell whether that sensor is coming unstuck once those edges begin to fray. Sometimes it really is coming unstuck, while other times the edges are frayed but the adhesive game underneath the sensor is still going strong.

The warmer months of the year have definitely tested my sensors. I remember coming home from work after a warm day and the sensor literally fell off as I got dressed. Thankfully, FreeStyle customer service replaced the sensor for me with no hassles.

Without the security of winter thermals and jumpers, I’ve also found that I’ve got to take A LOT of extra caution not to knock that sensor as I go about my day.

I definitely find that getting the best position on my arm makes a huge difference, both in adhesive power and in sensor accuracy. Ideally I want to pick a flat space on my arm, as far up and out of the way as possible. 

This week, I’ve also been rocking my Rockadex Penguin patch. It’s a sticker that simply sits over the Libre sensor on my arm (or any other Continuous Glucose Monitoring device), holding it into place.

Honestly, it’s a lifesaver, especially during the warmer months of the year while I’m more active. As someone who always opts for the plainest or most invisible of colours, this is really saying something!

Yet what’s even better is the story behind it. Rockadex is an Australian business based in my hometown of Perth. It’s run by the mother of a young child with type 1 diabetes. The patches and diabetes accessories are sold solely for the purpose of funding a young girl’s Continuous Glucose Monitoring costs, which is not currently subsidised here in Australia. Anything more is given away. 

I’ve also splashed out on a silicone case for my Libre reader, which often slips out of my shirt pocket when I bend down.

 They’ve also got a bunch of international distributors for those outside of Australia. 

There’s stickers, patches and accessories available to match almost any diabetes device you might use. At the end of the day, anything that adds a bit of extra excitement to the monotony of diabetes is surely a good thing in my book.


  1. Alex

    Hi, Frank.
    I’m also using Freestyle Libre and since I’m using insulin pens, it has really made a difference with managing my diabetes just in few weeks. I absolutely love it. I noticed you have been using it too quite a lot lately. I’m curious about if you get it for free in Australia from your local health center/hospital or if you have to buy it yourself.

  2. My second sensor got knocked off mid flight! I haven’t been game to start another one as at the moment we are so active, in the water, planting, moving furniture etc. Looking forward to my next go at it and I did get the Rockadex stickers but went for neutral colors

    • Still haven’t tried it at the beach yet… If you’ve still got your sensor, it’s definitely worth giving customer service a call when you’re back in Aus. Hopefully the stickers make a difference for you.

  3. davidburren

    I went for months with only the occasional “early release” of a Libre sensor. But the summer months really caused problems, along with the extra swimming I was doing. Some Micropore tape was a decent workaround when one started coming unstuck, but I’m now loving the RockaDex patches, which so far have been lasting about a week each. The Libre adhesive underneath is a lot cleaner at the end of its life too!

  4. Pat

    i purchased my 1st libra , only lasted 2 days , yes i was working in the yard , as a trade would do , sweating etc. i have to compliment abbott on there after sales service as they replaced it delivered to the door 2 days later . No. 2 i was anal about everything washed cleaned and waited got my partner to make sure all was stuck and stuck well ! well this one lasted 10 days , i rang abbot and was amazed that they replaced it , i would have been happy to have a prorate because it did last 10 of the 14 days . but they said this would be the last time they’d replace it !
    now heres where im up to ,i have the new sender and not game to put it on was thinking of trying the mastasol the flexiflex is extremely hard to work with . keen to maybe try the australian product , did this ( rockadex last the 14 days) ???

    • Hi Pat, the Rockadex patches keep my sensor stuck for the full 14 days. However the patches themselves tend to become frayed around the edges after 6-7 days, so you’d probably need to replace them once.

      • Pat

        can’t see how you could replace them as there stuck onto the sticky perimeter of the l/f ??? and taking it off would be a problem , ive sent away for a few to try ! say frank , showering with them , is that a problem?

        • I’m able to remove my patches gently without pulling the sensor off. The patches hold fine in the shower. As I said, they do become frayed around the edges after 6-7 days from normal wear and tear.

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