1. Rick Phillips

    I ate a box of Frosted Flakes cereal at the local grocery store once. I doubt this will translate to Australia, but when asked who I was doing this, I said it is because they are GREAT !!!!!!!!! It is funny if you know the commercial.

  2. Yikes. I just hate that panic that comes when your blood sugar just doesn’t seem to be responding after the recommended 15 minute window. Reality is the 15 grams wait 15 minutes is only a rough guideline. I don’t know about you but I still seem to expect to see results on minute 16! Sorry for the interrupted sleep and glad you didn’t have a trip to the ER out of it.

  3. Jeremy Larsen


    I’m glad you wrote this. The same thing happened to me just before Christmas – a low that felt really low; I overcorrected and it went down even lower. Ate more, came up a little. The next day was all super highs.

    It kind of made me panic, except for the fact that I was so focused on the problem that the panic only really came when things were on their way to being ok.

    But next time this happens I’ll think of your article and realize that it’s not just me! And that those lows do eventually come up, and making it through the unpleasantness is part of the… challenge.

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