1. I suppose a perk of being female is that we’re used to and taught to expect to spend our lives with uncomfortable pieces of jewellery hanging around our necks or wrists.

    I have a silicone band that I wear, vastly more comfortable than a chain. I never take it off (nearly 5 years and counting now – but still looks clean – probably from the daily shower it gets). It gets itchy in summertime if theres too much sweat underneath.

    I’ve often considered a tattoo….but I dont like needles.

    Good luck with your resolution. I dont know if you like being frugal, but maybe think of the money it cost and you might want to wear it. Like all things diabetes, it was probably expensive enough that that might motivate you.

  2. davidburren

    I wore an SOS Talisman necklace for years, and it’s useful for things like clipping a pump to when at the loo. But the chain always breaks eventually.

    If you carry an iPhone you can ensure your emergency medical info is available there to responders (accessible without passcode).
    Hmmm, that’s another idea: an alert/etc talisman as part of a watch band so you don’t need to wear something extra?

    • I do use the emergency feature on iPhone, but I’m doubtful of how effective it would be in an emergency. But the watch alert might be worth looking into. Thanks!

  3. Rick Phillips

    I am not a big fan if jewelry either. So I got a diabetes necklace when I was diagnosed. I wore it for years and sure enough on a direct flight between Indianapolis and Orlando I went very low. I woke up in Charlotte NC on a stretcher int he airport. but for the necklace I would not be here. It is one of a few times that necklace saved my butt.

    I still wear a new one.

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