I am often asked when my next holiday will be, or if I have any travel plans in the pipeline. As much as I do love going on a holiday, they are equally exhausting by the time I return home. AND they cost money.

I’m not the kind of person who goes on a holiday to sit on the beach. I can easily do that at home. I want to go somewhere that I can explore and sightsee and be a tourist. But that is exhausting in itself. So ideally I’d love an extra week up my sleeve when I return home just to sleep in and catch up with life. But with a full time job, no lotto wins and only four weeks of annual leave, it rarely happens.

Throw diabetes into the mix of work and life, and after a while it feels like you’re just pulling it along, struggling to keep up. It’s monotonous. It’s always there. It never ceases to throw curveballs my way. 

Towards the end of last year, I definitely drew back a fair bit from my blog and from social media. I was feeling a lot of frustration towards my pump, which I’ll write more about soon. I felt like I was venting my diabetes frustrations all the time, without anything of value to say. 

I had a lot of other things going on at home and at work, leaving me with little enthusiasm for much else. It had been ages since I’d binge watched a good TV drama, or even gone to the beach. But I was exhausted.

So, after working through most of December, I decided to take a much needed Staycation. You know, being able to sleep in, make breakfast at 10am, go to the beach, binge on a good TV drama at midday, go to the shops without being in a hurry, stay up late into the night and recharge the batteries.


It began with all of this seemingly endless time stretched out in front of me, and before I knew it I was wondering how it could be over so soon. I guess that’s a good thing…

Staycations are awesome. They’re cheap. They’re a good way to charge up the batteries quickly. And they kind of let me catch up to diabetes a little, so that I’m not lagging behind for too long.


  1. Rick Phillips

    I love pictures. I hate staycations however, but then again i do not live near a beach so, how about next year you come do the staycation at my house and I will go to yours. In fact i hope we can trade like that every December (but Frank, pack your coat).

  2. I’m going to challenge Rick and declare my love of staycations. Even in boring Brisbane. I did 3 jigsaw puzzles and finished a book I’d been reading for months.

    Great pics, makes me want to visit Perth again. If only the water would be warm enough to swim when I visit in May. Why does my work insist on sending me to beautiful beach-side cities when it is not appropriate to swim?

    Hopman cup would have been great to attend live. I saw Federer live at the Brisbane International when he won his 1000th match against Raonic, 2 years ago.

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