Type 1 Writes Diabetes Christmas Gift Guide II

We are less than two weeks out from Christmas, and I am yet to do any Christmas shopping whatsoever. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent hours surfing the net with the intention of finding gift inspiration, only to end up finding a whole bunch of new things for yourself. Not to mention my broken pancreas that leaves me on call 24 hours a day…

These are some of the things on my Christmas list this year. Some are related to diabetes, others not so much, because there’s more to me than just my diabetes.

Clockwise from the top left, here we go…

AlCase 3m Lightning USB Cable. I love this iPhone cable for both it’s length, and speed of charge. At 3m long, it reaches my bedside. It charges 10-20% faster than the standard Apple lightning cable, and is compatible with iPads as well (not all lightning cables are). Diabetes quirk: I always read it as the A1C Case, rather than the Alcase every time I glance at it.

Bonds Besties Shorts. In the heat of the Summer, 100% Cotton shorts are what I’m often wearing around the house. They’re soft, breathable and don’t leave me sweating or sticky when I’m sitting behind my desk or on the couch. Plus, lots of pockets for insulin pumps and diabetes crap.

Target iPhone Folio Case. I very rarely buy phone/tech accessories in the shops, because the prices are just a plain rip off. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find this folio case in Target a few weeks ago for just $8. It’s fairly slim, and has two card slots inside. I like it because it can double as a wallet, and when you’re a guy with diabetes, you really need to maximise as much pocket space as possible!

FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System. I’ve been using the Libre intermittently throughout the year, and it really has provided me with a great deal more convenience and insight into glucose monitoring. Yes, it’s definitely a luxury item, and I’m extremely lucky I’ll be able to wear one during the Christmas season. You can read my initial review here, and my cheat sheet here.

A real Christmas Tree! I must admit I was a little against this idea when we first did it a few years back, but I quickly became a convert. It would be such a cool thing to do with young kids, and I think it’s perfectly suited to Australia’s Summer Christmas. You go to the Christmas Tree Farm, pick your tree, cut it down with a hack saw (they’re fairly easy to cut), and wheel it back to your vehicle. I visit Christmas Trees of Wanneroo in Perth, and judging by the last couple of years, it seems to be growing in popularity.

Dexcom G5 Mobile Continuous Glucose Monitoring System. Although I have never used it, this is definitely on my bucket list for 2017. If you have a compatible mobile device (such as an iPhone) to receive the data, you no longer need to purchase the $650 receiver with your first order. There’s a special offer going at the moment from AMSL Diabetes in Australia that includes a transmitter and 4 sensors for $810. Again, this is definitely a luxury item, but I like the idea of being able to stretch the 7 day sensors to 14 or 21 days.

Gourmet Chocolate Pizza. So, a few years ago, one of my work Mums found this Chocolate Pizza on clearance in Coles after Christmas. It was out of date, and it was the last one left. She bought it into work, and we shared it over our coffee at work one morning. It was honestly one of the best pieces of chocolate I have ever eaten in my life. None of us have ever been able to find it again. I’d love to surprise them with one, but it’s just too expensive to pay the shipping from the UK! One can only dream…

Coffee Club VIP Card. I know, I know, Coffee is a very divisive issue out there in the world (just don’t say Gloria Jeans…) Me and my friend make a pit stop at Coffee Club every morning at work, and the VIP Card gives us 2 coffees for the price of 1. I know most loyalty cards are absolute rubbish, but this one really pays for itself every week, and has turned me into a person who buys a coffee every day.

Merry Christmas, folks, and best of luck to those of you bracing the shops this week!


  1. Rick Phillips

    It is a great list. My must have someday is Dairy Queen Peanut Butter parfait. I assume you have never heard of one but it is soft serve vanilla or chocolate ice cream with hot fudge and peanuts. I have wanted one for over 40 years. They were introduced post DX and I really want one. I told my wife to be sure get one when I am about to leave this life. She says if she does she will eat it. LOL

    This item has been referred to the TUDiabetes Blog page for the week of December 5, 2016.

  2. love your bucket list. If you get the dexcom of course I want a full report :). Have been having a break from my libre as it fell off mid flight and now I am swimming here in South Africa so want to wait till my blood sugars get more erratic again…Just about to chop our first live tree down here on our land..have a great xmas…:)

    • How exciting for you…look forward to seeing all the photos when you’re back online. And as for the report…you can expect nothing less from me 🙂

  3. A real Christmas Tree sounds interesting to put on the list. I hosted everyone at my place this year, but all I did was stick chocolates on skewers in the shape of a tree. It was a chocolate tree. I ate nearly all of them. I wished for better BGLs on Christmas.

    Hope you got some of the other stuff you wanted.

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