1. Caroline

    Yet another one of your posts thats made me feel not so alone in my struggles :-). I too will check constantly, blous , get frustrated and crank all the settings up on my pump in an attempt not to let my diabetes win. Right now I’m running my basal about 25% higher than normal. I think it’s my lady hormones but it could also be the fact that I’m wearing a pink sweater (joke).



  2. Michael

    Duck is super delicious and VERY high in fat – which partly explains its deliciousness! When you eat it – you have are dealing with both protein and fat. When I eat a meal high in fat like that I will bolus over 6 hours – to avoid going to bed with a good BGL and waking up (very) high the next day. Duck is one of the fattiest meats you can get – if you roast one you will be amazed.

    It is all about experimenting and learning. Thai food is super yummy but really challenging when dealing with the coconut curries – as they are loaded with fat. It is all a massive learning experience. Keep trying – you will just keep on getting better at it!
    You are absolutely on the right track with reducing your carbs – and by choosing low GI carb foods. I deliberately reduce or avoid foods that I know are high GI – unless I have the time to send my BGL low and falling before I eat them.

    Keep experimenting and learning – that way you regain control and your confidence will grow. Your curiosity and desire to learn and experiment is terrific!

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