1. Jeremy Larsen

    Pizza is all different. I think usually 25-30g per slice is a good guess for most types of pizza. I do MDIs and have found that two shots, one before and one towards the end of the meal, can often smooth BG over until morning. Works for Indian food and stuff like that too.

    I applaud your experimenting and paying attention! That’s the only way to handle diabetes.

  2. Michael

    Frank – I think you are running your bolus too short. Pizza is loaded with fat – run the split bolus for 6 hours. Keep experimenting – you are well on the way to mastery. What have you got to loose? 4 hours didn’t work – and you like pizza – so try something different!

  3. Michael

    This is really nerdy (which perhaps I am – Mechanical Engineer?) – but I can not recommend enough the book “Pumping Insulin” by John Walsh. Subtitled – ‘Everything you need for success on an Insulin Pump’. The book will give you heaps of strategies and is a fantastic resource. Deals with drinking alcohol, exercise, sick day management, carb counting, diet, foods, how to check your basal rates, insulin sensitivity ….. And heaps more. Get it delivered for free from bookdepository.com or find the cheapest price on booko.com.au

    It is a marvellous resource.

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