1. Bobbie

    Wow Frank that’s exactly what I wrote you about last time. I started with the angle sets and switched to the T-90s thinking it was easier to put on. But you are right they kink and bleed more times then not. I just received my 3 month order and will call to exchange them to the angle comfort set. Thanks for your input. Hope they work for you
    Bobbie in very hot Arizona.

  2. I am glad to hear that angled sets are working for you, Frank. Every time a new 90-degree set comes to market, I give it a try. And then go back to angled sets.

    Congrats on your Wego nomination!

  3. Rick Phillips

    Frank, I am glad you have found something that works. I think int he 14 years or so I have been pumping I have perhaps 5-7 infusion site failures and i have only used 90 degree sets. Like we say on TUDiabetes, YDMV (your Diabetes May Vary). It is a great way of thinking about diabetes (tech and otherwise)

    • Bobbie

      Frank and Steve, I must admit after using the 90 for months I decided to read the instructions again. All 15steps! I was pulling up the trigger wrong causing it to bend after it went in. I was twisting it instead of pulling straight up. So the one in now is working well. We Wil see.

  4. Caroline

    This used to happen to me too! It stopped when I switched to the Sure-T infusion sets (Medtronic). They consist of a small metal needle that sits under the skin. Very comfortable with no worry of kinking. Also, no scaring which was a big issue for me with the other infusion sets.

    The feelings of failure….wow can I relate. Last weekend I opened a new box of reservoirs only to discover that the company had sent me the wrong size! I went into complete panic mode because it was a Friday night and so everything was closed. Luckily once I stopped panicking, I realized I could just reuse the old reservoir. Amazing how when you don’t panic, a solution is easily found!

    Tip: if you’re going to be away from home (day trip, work, etc…). Carry extra supplies with you 🙂

    Well wishes

  5. Bobbie

    Well so much for the 90 degree infusion set. I am back to the comfort short angled ones. I kept trying to use the 90 degree thinking it was me screwing up. Went to bed with BG at 135,woke with 250!. It kinked somehow during the night. So furious and depressed. Was all set to go back to MDI. My doc talked me out of that and went back to the angled sets. Very happy for now. Hope it lasts. What a roller coaster!

  6. Its so good when you try something new that works! Glad you like the angled infusion sets. Ive never tried one, but I did resist metal canulas for a very long time. Then when I did do them I realised that if one came out, I could simply push it back in & tape over the top if I needed to.

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