1. Dorte

    I think it takes guts to do what you did to be honest!

    Fact is….you DO have diabetes and increased stress messes with your BSL and insulin so if you KNOW the new stressful position would make your life more stressful when it comes to your diabetes…then kudos for speaking up!

    It is no different than suffering from any other disability…it all comes down to finding balance that both you and your employer can work with 🙂

    I know when I have my PTSD stress days…my BSL is completely out of control so it would just not have been worth it…would it? 🙂

  2. I am so glad you spoke up. Your choice reminds us to feel better about our diabetes. Feeling centered and focused on the job is a priority. Otherwise its impossible to DO a good job. Next time I hesitate to play the “diabetes’ card I’ll remind myself of your story. Thanks again for being so transparent in sharing…makes my day!

  3. Ashleigh

    You did the right thing by you. Noone wants to play the d-chats but diabetes sometimes demands it. I played it today to get out of doing something that would stress me out at work. I hated doing it but I’d been battling bgls of 16 to 20 the last 15 hours and I didn’t want to stress myself out even more.

  4. Rick Phillips

    I once had a boss who insisted I get in a fitly river and walk around on cast off cans, glass and submerged wood for a day while we cleaned it up. He was insistent I do it and I gave in. It was an awful mistake. One I never made again. My feet are way to precious to me to do risk cuts or jabs.

    Like I said, it never happened again.

  5. michele dalle-Nogare

    Since the inception of your blog i have followed your posts and feel i have come to know you well by the substance of your words. What you did took real ‘guts”. I know your words will inspire not only the diabetes community but the general community in gaining insight into how diabetes, for the majority whom have a sense of self respect can feel humiliated by admitting our vulnerability. You are going to be a Diabetes Revolutionary, you are and will continue to contribute to making positive reform for the Diabetes Community because you are always true to yourself.

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