1. Dorte

    I put on a new disc last night. Yet again it was a bit up down all over the place like last change. I am on my 5th sensor disc so I now know it take some time for the disc to start reading correctly. I woke up this morning…disc said 4.1…finger prick said 7.9. I knew the 4.1 was incorrect because I didn’t have any “low” symptoms.

    So….I have learnt to stop the knee jerk reactions to a “low” reading…check finger blood first before downing a handful of jelly beans just to find your TRUE BSL is sitting at 15 about 15-20 min later!

    I ONLY use the Libre as a guideline and especially the trend arrow!

  2. Hopefully CGM becomes subsidised one day, because its a lot more accurate (I’m usually within half a mmol of my finger-stick BGL if not bang-on) than what you’re saying about the libre. Still a pretty cool piece of tech. I guess because its not true CGM & isnt designed that way that you have those weird outs. At least you’ve figured them out so you’re not stressing about it.

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