1. Dorte

    Sorry to hear about your “shit” day 🙁

    I think I can really emphasise here. Woke up this morning…sugar 11.8 and had that tell tale hangover headache like I have been sleep walking and eaten a whole bag of tiny teddies at 3am or drunk a bottle of vodka 🙁

    My insulin was changed back to Humalog 25/75 from once a day long lasting only Lantus to try and stop the peaks when I eat! HA! My breakfast peak on the Humalog yesterday “only” lasted from 8.30am to 3pm so I had to skip lunch AGAIN…then it started coming down FAST at about 4pm for no reason…had 3 jelly beans to counteract to last till dinner…went up to 11….came down a bit (about 9.5) by time for dinner and second injection. Same happened…?…eat at 6.30pm…↗️↗️⬆️⬆️⬆️ sigh! After hovering at about 15 until 11pm…EXHAUSTED….hangover headache…nausea…stomach cramps…upset tummy..,it SLOWLY started coming down ➡️↘️➡️➡️↘️➡️➡️↘️ and was 9 at 2am and I went to bed…just to wake up at 6am to 11.8…PFFT!

    I had one of my “flips” yelling WHAT’S THE BLOODY POINT WHEN THE STUPID INSULIN IS NOT WORKING ANYWAY! I JUST EANG THEM TO LEAVE ME ALONE CUZ I AM TURNING INTO A BLOODY OCD LUNATIC WITH THIS LIBRE THING ON! Sure I felt like ABSOLUTE CRAP when we found out my sugar was running on 20…but at least I WAS “HAPPY”! All I can think about is….insulin…sugar levels…check BSL to see the horrid ⬆️⬇️➡️↘️↗️! I am getting my anxiety and panic attacks again…petrified knowing the “highs” are slowing ruining my organs!

    I have NEVER been a sweet eating person! I don’t eat lollies really…don’t like cake but being Danish…I still love my Danish butter biscuits but haven’t had ONE since I was diagnosed in March! The ONLY times I have sugar stuff is when I have a “low” SIGH!

    SOME good news I guess. Saw specialist and average sugar from last 3 months is 9.3 which translates to below 7% in a1c <– not sure correct spelling! I said NO BLOODY WONDER…I AM STARVING MYSELF HALF THE TIME TO KEEP THAT NUMBER LOW!

    I don't have a pump and I really think it would drive me to the brink of bonkers and the psych ward…being the control freak I am and my PTSD would push me over the edge!

    All I know is….I have developed this "hatred" towards foods! I eat because I HAVE TO but I don't enjoy food of eating anymore because I know how it will affect me after!

    I hope you have a better day today ?

  2. You have written down exactly what goes through my head a lot.
    Excuse the very non eloquent way this is going to come out:
    Diabetes is a complete scumbag sometimes and is the cause of many a shit day. The non stop backing chatter and self judgement is tiring and the “f*** it I want a bloody biscuit” response is totally justified.
    Is this good medical advice, no. But for your own sake- Frank, you eat your biscuit and tell that diabetes brain to shut the *insert words of choice here* up for five minutes.
    I feel we’re all entitled to an uncounted biscuit once in a while.

  3. Rick Phillips

    Frank, sometimes a man needs to do what a man needs to do. After all I am hearing those biscuits calling my name now.

  4. I so hear and feel you! In fact, it is what drives me CRAZY about this stupid diabetes thing – how the smallest things that most people completely take for granted and are generally non-issues, become this big deal. I so freaking hate it.

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