1. Dorte

    Sounds like my life although I don’t have a pump and only take long-lasting insulin. I dread eating ANYTHING because I KNOW….I will be at a lovely 7 (yes that is VERY good for me)…I will have my breakfast and no more than 20min later it is 10.5↗️ on Libre…an hr later it is often 14-16 and then the waiting of seeing the Libre go down SLOWLY and the ↘️ showing up which most days take 3-4 hrs! I have stopped eating lunch because it totally sets off my BGL so I eat breakfast and dinner.

    Specialist said she was so proud of my “numbers”….I said “those numbers ONLY stay like that because I half starve myself because if I even just look at a carb…my BGL is 16 or higher!” So OBVIOUSLY my diabetes is NOT under control! She gave me at tablet called Actos…..too bad she didn’t take into account I have heart problems and that drug is black box listed by the FDA in the US causing Congestive Heart Failure and Heart attacks! I am one of those ppl who react to EVERYTHING so giving me that drug I honestly think was very irresponsible especially considering my family history of heart problems! I have tried Metformin, Trajenta, Jardiance and now Actos…can’t take them because they ALL make me feel yuck! The Lantus insulin is not as good as the 25/75 Humalog…I think I NEED that 25% rapid acting insulin when I eat because my BGL stays too high for too long and I dread to think what it is doing to my poor pancreas, liver and kidneys!

    3 jelly beans sends my BGL from 7.4 to 16.2 so no I wouldn’t say my diabetes is under control!

    I take my hat off for those with a pump! The constant calculating carbs and food intake and insulin levels would drive me to panic attacks!


  2. Rick Phillips

    Rage bolus baby. A man needs to take command some days. Of course not doing something rash is important. Or,, well maybe not.

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