1. OOOOh Breakfast…… I love pancakes always have. Keep the syrup however. I like them without anything on them, plain.

    I referred your blog to the TUDiabetes.org blog page for the week of August 1, 2016.

  2. The other night I had Indian food. Heaps of cheese naan, curry and stuff. Samosa. And beers. (No rice.) Took 14 units of Humalog before, then ate more than I thought I would. So I took 4 more units – one of my first times splitting a dinner shot, in effect. Actually ended up a little low before bed and had some juice, but woke up the next day right in range and was fine all day. Me on MDIs, and I navigated through naan and beer. I was shocked and quite impressed with myself 🙂

    I’ve seen people on Twitter talking about pre-bolusing and split-bolusing; lo and behold it seemed to work. There’s always a way – as you say, why let diabetes get in the way of having what you want!

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