1. Clearly diabetes is bigger than amputations. I like to think of my mom when I talk about such things, but mom passed at age 46 and the last week of her life she lost a portion of her hand because of diabetes. Both of her feet should have been removed 10 years earlier but she refused and she kept them to the end of her life. Mom hated the idea of amputation more than she hated death. Mom fought a gallant battle against diabetes but she never had a chance.

    Today we battle on a more even playing field. Complications are not defeated, diabetes is not defeated, but the question in my mind is how do we best get people to listen. This campaign seems aimed at those who deny having diabetes. Is it a needed, or effective? Your guess is as good as mine. Someone will do the market analytics to figure it out and when they do,, we will never know. Except watch it next year, that will prove if the underwriter got their monies worth or not. My guess? It is just more electrons in the air, making little discernible difference to anyone.

    I referred your blog to the TUDiabetes.org blog page for the week of July 11, 2016.

  2. I refuse to engage with Diabetes Australia’s fear mongering tactics and see it as just another example of how they do not listen to the diabetes community and go their own merry way. Considering the high amount of federal funding they get, maybe they are in the health minister’s pocket and as we all know the health minister is about saving money by reducing the “burden”. Diabetes Australia makes a mockery of this champaign and it’s own establishment. Quite frankly i am feeling “embarrassed” to be in any way affiliated with Diabetes Australia, then when you look at who they have endorsed in the past, does this latest tasteless and insensitive champaign surprise you?

    As i have said a senate enquiry into DA is very much called for and needed.

  3. I did see a lot of complaints this year, so I do think we need to find a happy medium. I quite liked the subject but I know I’m an outlier. Amputations is never going to be an easy subject to broach. People blanch at the mention of the subject, so the whole community, DA and patients included, have our work cut out for us on how to approach this without backlash. I know you also recognise that those in the DOC probably have better standards of healthcare than others, so I think there is some responsibility to those of us in the DOC to educate and raise awareness within our own community to extend the reach of healthcare.

    Before the campaign I actually had no idea that 85% of amputations were preventable…I just thought there was nothing I could do to stop it. I actually feel better about my future because of the campaign.

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