1. I’m so sorry about the frequent hypos 🙁 I hope you work it all out soon. It does take time to nut it out and it sounds like you’re doing tremendously well.

    Also maybe consider that your insulin to carb ratio might need tweaking during lunch to reduce that bolus, especially if you’re constantly active.

    You got this Frank!

    Ash x

  2. Rick Phillips

    I am also sorry about the frequent lows. I think as time goes we are more use to the idea of lows and that might not be the best thing.

    I referred your blog to the TUDiabetes blog page for the week of June 6, 2016.

  3. karend1

    I have had more lows since going on pump and have never been able to fix it. I believe it is all the fast acting insulin going in. I don’t hardly ever go shopping any more. Pump is fine if you don’t move, but I do hate shots but thinking of going back to mdi.

  4. Hi Frank and great work so far! Each step is a step closer.
    I wonder if people are more sensitive to their insulin via pump because there is more consistency in the depth of the administration via the infusion needle. You aren’t changing it around all of the time and the depth isn’t changing. There are lots of people with T1 D with lumps and bumps from so many injections – maybe you are missing them with the infusion needle – less lumps and bumps occur too because you aren’t going into the skin so often.

    I also love your picture of the skittles. Would you mind if I snip a copy of the picture to use in my education or on my website as a tip?

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