1. I don’t know how large the steak was or how much fat the pizza had but it could also (at least partially) be attributed to the high protein/ high fat content of the meal. Protein digests much slower than carb/glucose, and some will turn to glucose over the course of several hours (I often have this happen with large steaks). High fat and high protein can also cause insulin resistance. This is why I personally struggle with chinese food so much for example. I don’t pump but many have figured out things like extended boluses etc. to help with high protein high fat meals…

    • Thanks Maria. I’ve heard about the insulin resistance issue before from others, but it seems to be lingering around a lot longer than normal. I don’t think I’m eating much differently than normal, but I’ll keep it in mind.

  2. I’ve had a few days like that but on each occasion it has been a viral infection of some sort. Do you use square and dual bolus? Either way don’t give up, it gets easier but it is no full proof system. Can’t wait for the bionic pancreas. Once i had a system failure, took me about 24hr of sheer frustration to realise it was the pump not me. Ugh

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