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  1. I haven’t ever watched the show but what you describe gives me good reason to think i have made a wise choice. I know you are far from an ego centric, whinging, ranting, hyper critical, hyper sensitive over the top diabetic but while i was reading your blog, i thought the one thing that has bothered me about the DOC is how some diabetics embellish their diabetes with what they seem to feel is acceptable prolix ranting, that gives me the cringe effect whilst praying no one i know ever reads such crap. As with My Kitchen Rules, when you analyse the underlying dynamics you get the true picture which often appears to be some form of using diabetes as a justification for anything from bad to criminal behaviour, to not achieving at uni, to being emotionally unstable and everything in-between, just like My Kitchen Rules is more about the drama of life then cooking sometimes it seems DOC bloggers are more about dramatisation then reality. Thank God you are part of our DOC.

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