1. I think a good review of the “government health reforms” might be wise. DA already get millions in funding for education, sorry Frank in my view this is an appalling and disgraceful show of not only DA lack of advocacy for the diabetes community but an example of how government policy makers whom you might know did not even consult NDSS on this matter prior to making the policy changes, are now making clinical decisions based on financial cost cutting rather then sound clinical evidence for the long term health of persons with diabetes.

    The new health reform package, throws us in with every other chronic illness, when you remove diagnostic streaming from health you do save bundles, what you lose is a body of dedicated health expertise.

  2. Frank, I certainly hope it will allow better flexibility and cost control. I also hope those savings are reinvested in Diabetes education and care.

    I referred this blog to the TUDiabetes blog page for the week of April 12, 2016

  3. Tracy Robberts

    Hi Frank. I have just found your blog, it’s very interesting and helpful. I am currently living in South Africa with a insulin pump but we are immigrating to Australia next year. I just want to know if you could give me some advice regarding which private medical aid/insurance you would recommend? It sounds like I should register with the NDDS and Medicare when I arrive as well, (we have been granted a permanent residency visa) but how long does do they take to process your applications etc?

    Kind regards

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