Sick Day

Today, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and take a much needed sick day at home.

I’ve worked through a sore throat and a cough for the last few days, aided by plenty of water and losenges. Mind you, the medicated losenges I’ve been taking are especially conspicuous. The ingredient list is made up of items that don’t make any sense to me. Sugar, or no sugar? Carb count? Your guess is as good as mine.

Today, however, a full blown cold has set in. My nose is running like a tap. Working is extremely uncomfortable when I need tissues every 5 minutes, and I always feel guilty to spread my germs to those around me. As bad as I feel for letting down my team at work, I have to accept that it’s not my problem to worry about for today. I know that I’ll be in a shitty mood if I go to work sick, which reminds me of this post that I don’t particularly want to relive either.

Generally speaking, I don’t find diabetes any more demanding than usual when I’m sick. My blood sugar levels don’t tend to run higher than normal, so I don’t feel the need to test for ketones. Maybe this is more of an issue for pumpers? Although I am being way more cautious with my insulin doses, because I really can’t deal with a hypo at the moment.

Yesterday afternoon, I was reminded of why I hate flu tablets so much. I felt so cloudy, drowsy and almost like my brain was not in sync with the rest of my body. Vicks, however, works wonders on congestion. A small dollop under each nostril helps me sleep so much easier.

On a note completely unrelated to diabetes, check out this hilarious movie trailer about talking food! I hope that your weekend is off to a better start than mine.

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