Final Update on Site Subscriptions

Type 1 Writes has been undergoing a site upgrade over the past few days, and you may have noticed several “Test Posts” pop up if you’re following along via RSS. Guilty!

If you’re following along in Feedly Reader, posts have been a little delayed in coming through. I’m hoping this will fix itself up soon. You won’t have to subscribe to a new feed, so please ignore my previous posts. (The correct one is the one that pops up in the search bar with my photo and logo).

Other feed readers should remain unaffected, however please do let me know if you’re having difficulty receiving new posts.

Another good way to make sure you never miss a post is to subscribe via e-mail. Just enter your e-mail address into the dialog box on your right, and you’ll receive notifications every time a new post is up.

Finally, if you have a account AND were receiving e-mail notifications of new posts, you will need to re-subscribe by entering your e-mail address into the dialog box on your right. You can also still follow along in your reader as normal.

Many thanks,


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