1. Love this entry, completely relate. When I have a hypo my reasoning is far from sensible, and often I leave it for a while before treating just because there are people around.. or what feels like an awkward situation. Glad you got the muesli bar!

  2. Ah I could never leave a hypo untreated! I had a severe one once that required a paramedic (I was standing at the chocolate cupboard when I hit the floor) and I’ve been scarred from that memory ever since!

    • It’s never comfortable to leave a hypo untreated, and I was being a bit lazy in this instance. We are all different and our bodies respond uniquely to hypos (or at least I think so). I’ve never gone unconscious from one, which is why I felt a bit more comfortable leaving it (which is still no excuse!). But I also hear from others who are prone to more severe symptoms.

      • I read a post on diabetes Uk about how people treat hypos and I was amazed at all the different ways people treat them, some were saying they ate a banana and were good to go, other saying they were stuffing their face with all they could get. I think having had a severe hypo it will always make me paranoid when I’m low, even though it’s the only one I’ve had in 12 years.

        • It’s natural that you won’t easily forget an episode like that. I feel better straight away after eating anything, even if it’s a banana that’s not super rapid acting. And I get that urge to binge eat too, usually it happens if I treat a hypo with junk food.

  3. Dorte

    Having had a horrible hypo…I am so pedantic with my BSL! Actually had one last night! It came on like a snap of the fingers because I had been out walking…came home…got jelly legs…vision blurred…tummy cramp and that ice cold sweat feeling hit me like a ton of brick and I knew…..JELLY BEANS….NOW! 10 min later jelly beans had done the trick but by DoG I hate that feeling……and it scares me cuz mine come on so quickly! BSL dropped from 7.5 – 4.5 in 1/2 hr 2 days ago…it feels horrible but THAT one I got BEFORE I started going “wobbly head”!

    I could NEVER ignore a hypo 🙁

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