1. I go months without night tests. They are the bane of my existence. I’m lucky in that my basals are sitting in line at the moment but I know the overnight horrors will return. I wake up feeling sick every morning no matter what due to my dawn phenomenon (insulin corrects the numbers but my inner bio chemistry has still flipped its shit and that takes its toll). It can be hard to bother overnight when needed because of that. I find overnight tests must be as few as I can make them because if I am up during the night my diabetes will suffer during the day due to me being tired and having broken sleep, a known consequence. It isn’t that I’m doing anything wrong. It is just the old brain. *shrug* You mentioned long lies and lantus. Nothing wrong with a long lie now and then! I certainly wouldn’t class that as a bad habit but if it means you’re missing your lantus dose you could always change when you take your lantus to allow more flexibility?

    • Thanks Sam. I certainly know the feeling of waking up high too well, but i can’t imagine what dawn phenomenon and being unable to control it would be like. As for the long lies in, it starts with one and it quickly turns into a bad habit with me!

  2. I sometimes feel grateful that I didn’t get T1d until as late and slow onset as I did. I mean, it’s hard enough at the age you were diagnose figuring all of the “who am I” questions without being a pancreas to boot. What I’m trying to say is you’re doing a good job. Just because you could have made better diet choices, darn it, you shouldn’t have to worry about that at this time in your life. But you do and I’m happy for you that you are finding your way back to the balance you need D-wise as you navigate your young adult years. Here’s a pat on the back.

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