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  1. ldenton65

    Thanks for sharing your experiencences. It helps to hear how others deal with Mr. Diabetes and to learn new things as we live our lives with a disease that can kill us if we are not careful and diligent.

    I was diagnosed 54 years ago and the rural doctor I went to gave me a large glass syringe with a big needle and a whetrock to sharpen the needle with and a bottle of insulin. The nearest thing to a glucometer was a glass tube to put urine and a tablet in. I then compared the color in the tube with a few colors on the tablet box. Obviously it wasn’t very accurate. So I am grateful for the changes we have access to.

    The best tool we can have to deal with diabetes is our attitude. Most of us know other diabetics who refuse to do what it takes to handle diabetes. Yes, there are ups and downs and sometimes we make mistakes in judgment. But with a good attitude about our situation and a commitment to making the best of it we can do well.

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