Some Friday Inspiration, #DOC Style

It’s Friday. The weekend is just 8 hours away. Here’s some inspiration to tide you over until then, Diabetes Online Community style (links are in Italics).

One blog I really enjoy reading is Diabetes Advocacy. I absolutely love Barb’s style of writing and all of the life experience she has to offer from dealing with her son’s diabetes. Barb offers a unique and heartfelt perspective of adjusting to a less active role in diabetes parenting as her son moves out of home.

Ever been too scared to bring your BGL logbook along to an endo appointment? Ever been ecstatic about BGL numbers only to have a doctor shoot you down? Ashley at Bittersweet Diagnosis wrote a fantastic post this week about how chasing perfect numbers is unrealistic without a sense of fulfillment and wellbeing in life.

Who hasn’t heard of Kerri Sparling at Six Until Me? I sometimes think of her as the “queen” of diabetes blogging because she is so well known and has been around forever. I recently stumbed upon archives from her first year of blogging back in 2005 (before I even had diabetes) at After reading many of her initial posts from 2005, I feel that I have a much better connection to that person who I follow in the #DOC today.

I’m always interested in reading stories about diabetes in younger children, because it’s something my family never had to deal with. There’s a new blog that I stumbled upon earlier this month called SemiSweet, and this post about diabetes burnout really moved me. It’s written by the mother of a boy who was diagnosed with type 1 at age 3, and I look forward to reading more.

Ever wished that your doctor would ask you how you are feeling with diabetes in general? Rick at RADiabetes wrote a really moving piece last week about how writing and connecting in the Diabetes and Rheumatoid Arthiritis community filled a void that medical professionals never covered. Rick is also hosting RA Blog Week from Monday, and I look forward to reading some of the posts from participants.

Finally, one person to follow on Twitter is Izzy (@IzzyHC). Izzy is a type 1 from the UK currently living in Australia. Izzy is just a really great person to talk to. She’s never afraid to say hello, and always seems to bring a lot of wisdom and life experience to #DOC conversations.

With that, I bid you a great weekend. Another 7 hours and 59 minutes to go…

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