1. So true Frank! When I see the face of diabetes in the media, I’m generally pretty happy that my son doesn’t engage yet with that! IT’s not pretty and it’s not generally got much positivity! That’s where the online crew come in!

  2. I agree, it’s a wonder any of us manage to maintain our emotional equilibrium with all the negativity we’re bombarded with about diabetes all the time.

    As far as the epidemics go, it’s the D organisations who seem to be trumpeting their own failure here. I mean they’ve spend $$s on these avoid D campaigns over the last couple of decades and yet there’s been nothing but increased cases.

  3. Maria

    I’ve had Type 1 for 20 years and I agree with this completely, but I also work for a diabetes charity. As tough as some stats and messages for us to hear as people living with Type 1, it’s still so important that these messages get out there.

    It’s the difference between a donor giving money to a research project that will improve our lives, making politicians sit up and take notice of a problem that they can try and help with, putting pressure on healthcare systems to better care for people with diabetes – not everything we read or hear about diabetes is aimed at us!

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