1. Frank, you are a very wonderful human who does his best but you are human and that’s what make you unique and great! You also picked the chocolate bar that I snuck in the car on the way home from the supermarket. It was delicious! It’s not fair that I can inhale a chocolate bar with no consequences but you can’t!

  2. Perfection is not something we can achieve with D and it makes it harder. If your going to temp go off the rails make sure you enjoy every mouthful, give your self a tap on the wrist and get back into it knowing its only a small bump in the road. Thanks for sharing mate.

  3. We can all see you are doing your darn hardest, Frank, so hats off to you. Diabetes is tough, and its a 24/7 job. We’re allowed to not be perfect all the time. Keep at it, buddy 🙂

  4. Those Lindt “hello, my name is…” bars with their cute fonts and labels are so enticing! I am forever picking them up/putting them down in Target.

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