1. Oh wow that original quote from the NDSS is dreadful isn’t it? So patronising and it does, indeed, imply that you must be wrong or inadequate to test “so much”. Thank-you for instigating the change!

  2. In the USA, type 2 diabetes is allowed 1 strip per day by the insurance. If you want more because you want to keep a close eye on your results you need special dispensation. I skipped the insurance, Medicare, and bought a meter from Walmart which I doubt is in Australia, but it is cheap and so are the strips. Cheaper than paying for the balance through Medicare.And I can use as many as I want. Which I need to get back to doing since I have no idea what my blood sugars are doing.

  3. Thank you so much for this. I’m a “high user” too and am often looked at like I’ve got two heads when I get more strips at some chemists. They’ll even tell me “you got some x amount of time ago”. What do they reckon we’re doing with them?

    I order online now or go to the one particular chemist that’s fine with it. I don’t feel I should be judged for how I manage my diabetes.
    Thank you for talking about this 🙂

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