1. I get that vibration too mate, some days it can go on for hours, bloody frustrating! But he is right, cutting back on coffee does the trick. Good to see your eyes are in good shape, well done champ.

  2. Kelsea

    As a type 1 who used to work in an optometry office, this post cracked me up (also loved the dessert picture!) I was diagnosed last year at age 21 so reading peoples’ stories about type 1 are both really discouraging and also hilarious occasionally. As I used to work for an optometrist, every time my eyes felt funny over the past few months when my blood sugars were out of control, I freaked out was well. Although I haven’t had my eyes checked since then, I have my appointment set next week and I’m sure everything’s fine but I know exactly how you feel. Glad your retinas are looking good. Hope you enjoyed the pan cotta! 😉

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