1. […] If you’re a long time reader of this blog, you’ll know how strongly I feel about blood g…. How it helps me to feel grounded and in control over my diabetes. How it gives me a sense of certainty, and peace of mind over this rollercoaster of a disease. And how lost I would feel about it. I have never, ever needed any motivation to check my blood glucose levels in the years that I have been living with diabetes. But as I was completing this survey, it became apparent to me that many people might not be as motivated to do so (no judgement either way). […]

  2. […] The decision to use glucose monitoring to manage any kind of diabetes is an individual one. This decision should be in the hands of the patient, and not the healthcare professional. By taking away this element, I don’t believe that we are empowering people to manage their diabetes. Although I’m a type 1, I’m a high user of test strips and I couldn’t imagine my life without them. I wrote about this change in more detail here. […]

  3. I’m type 2 and in the UK. I have Spinabifida and so continual bladder infections… I am therefore unable to regulate my levels. I’m now on two types insulin plus a tablet and finally getting there. My meter is a comfort or very tiring mentally. I realised, reading your post that I’m exhausted from constant stress about my levels. Your post has been useful therefore. Lisa

  4. […] I rely heavily on glucose monitoring in order to manage my diabetes. I check before, and two hours after every meal. I check before I go to bed, during the night and when I wake up in the morning. If there are times when my blood sugar is irregular, I find myself testing every hour. I have spoken out frequently about glucose monitoring, and how strongly I feel about it. […]

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