1. Some people think that the importance of diabetes blogging is being replaced by more people hanging out on Facebook. For sure Facebook is much easier than writing a blog and the immediate interactions are fun/informative/helpful, etc. At the same time some diabetes Facebooks groups can be absolutely brutal if you don’t toe the line of the most influential participants. I kind of do both (along with Twitter), but mostly participate in “open” Facebook rather than groups. As Diabetes a Blog Week proved, blogging is not quite a dead medium yet…

    • Definitely. For me personally, I have found that I get more out of blogging and Twitter than I do from Facebook. I find that the information I get from there is somewhat more intelligent and focussed, whereas Facebook is a little more fun and in the moment as you said.

  2. I agree Laddie. I would like to add that what really helped me when first diagnosed t1, reading day to day stories about people living with the disease and sharing their life hacks. Later on, reading blogs was how I learned that when you fly with the Omnipod the chances of lows are greater during flight due to air pressure causing more insulin to be delivered. So I was prepared. I did have a very uncomfortable low where I was nudging my daughter awake to pass me her rice crispy treats as I had consumed my sweet treats and didn’t want to do more glucose tabs.

    • Yes, I really wish I’d found the DOC when I was first diagnosed (like you) and not 5 years later. There is so much valuable information out there from ordinary people like you and me living with diabetes.

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