1. Some charities do take advantage of people feelings. Some of them misuse the donations so you never know where your $$ go. I would donate only to the established charities that’s been around for some time.

  2. I feel it’s better to donate directly to people in need, may be, visit a place and help. That gives immense satisfaction and also an assurance that your contribution is going into the right place. 🙂

  3. Well, I have a couple of thoughts. First of all, charities are in the business of raising money. They will always contact people who have previously given because you are statistically more likely to give because you already gave. They believe you care about the charity and will continue to support it. They aren’t going to just take your donation and never ask you again. When is enough enough? When there is a cure for kidney disease, diabetes, cancer, AIDS, etc. etc. That’s when charities will stop asking you for money. That being said, there should be a limitation on how often a charity calls you. I used to work for a University’s annual giving program, and there was a system for how often we could contact an individual for money. I believe it was about once a year, maybe a little longer. So the fact you were contacted so soon is surprising. The fact you were contacted again was not.

    • Thanks for your comment. I do agree that all charities do the same thing, this was my first hand experience as I usually fob those kinds of calls off.

  4. That’s the one thing that really bugs me about charities: once you make a donation they keep soliciting more donations from you. I also find it very annoying, even though all charities do it.

    • And the worst part is that we don’t know how much of the money actually gets to those sick people. This charity had a lotto, there were fancy flyers and marketing material that were sent in the mail, plus all the phone calls…

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