1. Starting your second paragraph I had to smile – I’m terrible at taking photos of my food (terrible in that I take photos…a lot…and instagram…a lot!) But it keeps me entertained…and maybe I’m proving to myself that I’m eating just fine on my own (maybe?)

    I enjoyed your blog (and I think food always looks better on a wooden chopping board!)

    I wish I worked the same hours on the same days each week – it would make life SO much easier. As it happens, I work different shifts every day and every week, so my meals are constantly different and at different times.

    Also a fan of the tea in the glass 🙂

    • I hate taking food photos just because its so had to get a good shot. Must have taken 100 photos just to get these few shots! And yes, I’ve worked different hours in the past and its a bloody pain for diabetes. So I’m pretty lucky now 🙂

  2. I have to second most of what type1diabeater said! I am definitely prone to posting the odd instafood snap, or I attempt to anyway. Sometimes I just abort and go stalk someone’s better looking pictures! Your post definitely wasn’t boring, I really enjoyed reading it! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. Great post, Frank! I love that you included photos. Like you, I can fall into a trap of wanting to snack in the afternoon, but I try to stick to something like nuts.

    • Well, credit goes entirely to the coffee machine and double walled glass. Need something fancy to get me started in the morning…and I kinda cheated because I didn’t photograph any of the junk food that tempts me in the late afternoons haha

  4. Nice food choices there, Frank! Yep, that’s one thing I miss about living at home with my parents, is having that home-cooked meal there pretty regularly. And I completely hear what you say about the routine of the workday, which often brings more stability. Since I’ve been working from a virtual home office for the past few years, I’ve noticed there is a lot more flexibility and ability to slack — takes discipline to not only stay on track, but to not munch during the day. Food can certainly be an adventure, so we try to have as much fun with it as possible. Thanks for sharing your food choices!

    • Thanks Mike! Yes, starting full time work was one of the best things I’ve done for my diabetes (not for myself though haha). There are still temptations to overcome at work like morning teas and other treats from co-workers, but then again its easier to discipline myself when I am around other people.

  5. Love your post and some of the brands of food that I don’t know about in the midwestern USA. Thanks so much for the Pad Thai Salad recipe link you shared on my blog today. It looks delicious and beautiful! I admire your ability to avoid post-dinner eating. That is my definitely downfall:-(

    • My pleasure Laddie. I did struggle with it for a while. Brushing my teeth straight after dinner helps too. And having a cup of tea to look forward to before bedtime.

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