1. marguerite abbott

    I was on the pump for three years a long time ago. I went back onto needles and stayed on needles never wanting to wear that thing again. I just inject when ever I eat so have multiple injections but would rather that than wear a devise. You will love it too I’m sure.
    Happy Xmas to you and thank you for your blog. I enjoy reading it. Whatever we do diabetes sucks but it’s not cancer so we have to be lucky for that.

  2. Rick Phillips

    I have used a pump for over 15 years now and I have never once wanted to go off of my pump. Even int he hospital I tend to insist on my pump ASAP. I will be interested to see what you think.

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  3. You should definitely do a post pump free post ?.

    I do sometimes tire of the beeping for a pod change. Three days seems to fly by. I can’t honestly say I’d rather go back to injections though. I think the beauty of an Omnipod is that it’s a pod and not tubing and a connected pump. And the bolusing is much more precise especially since the best you can do with the pen injection is half units. It makes it so I can bolus for what I eat instead of eating for what I bolus.


    Having diabetes for over 46 years, (diagnosed at age 7), I finally went on an insulin pump in 2001. After 6 years, I had to give it a break, felt I could do it on my own, and save some money too! Well, now 7 years later, I am at the age where I cannot remember if I did, or did not, take my long acting insulin, and sometimes get so involved that I delay giving my mealtime injections. Therefore, my new insulin pump has been delivered last week, and I’m back in for training on Friday, things have REALLY changed since my last pump 16 years ago!! Hoping for a better control of this terrible disease with a new pump! God Bless us all……

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