Working Towards a Lower hba1c

I am only two weeks away from finding out what my latest hba1c result will be. And I am dying to know.

In August, I learned that my hba1c had gone up after three months on a pump. I was extremely disappointed at the time, but did take solace in the fact that my BGLs are far less variable than they once were. 

I’ve been working hard at taming my blood sugar levels over the past two or so months. I do genuinely feel like I am making progress and taking steps in the right direction. But there are definitely still some tough spots that are taking time to work through. 

Routine has been key to taming my blood sugar levels. Through the week I generally wake up, go to work, have my meals, come home and go to bed at the same time each day. Having that sort of consistency makes it easier to experiment, compare and make adjustments to insulin doses.

Nights have probably been the most consistent. I still wake myself to check once through the night. Sometimes small correction doses are needed, but I am waking up in range almost every morning.

Mornings are probably the smoothest portion of my day, blood sugar wise. It is still extremely tough to obtain consistent results, because I begin work at 7am with varying levels of physical activity from day to day. While breakfast on Monday left my levels smooth sailing, the exact same breakfast (and an identical waking BGL) yesterday sent me a little higher than I’d like. As much as I try not to beat myself up, this is ever so frustrating!

Afternoons have been somewhat tricky to smooth out. I sit down to lunch for an hour at 1pm after a morning of physical activity, which means I need a higher basal rate in action for this hour alone. I go back out to work at 2pm for another hour of physical activity, before finishing at 3pm where I once again need a higher basal rate of insulin. It’s definitely been a loooong game of trial and error, with many curse words thrown towards the sight of upward trend arrows on my FreeStyle Libre. Urgh.

Speaking of FreeStyle Libre, it is a lifesaver. Having easy and unlimited access to glucose monitoring means I have greater insight into what’s happening with my levels. Adjustments are easier to make, and I can better respond to highs and lows. Like this low, that rebounded high, and ended miraculously in a steady line.

 It’s becoming hard to live without it (first world problem, I know…).

Evenings are probably affected a little by my afternoon levels, and I’m confident that they will be easier to manage once my afternoon basal rate is right. My evening meal is also a cooked one, meaning that my carb counts are more estimated and varied than others. 

I am also being super diligent with my eating. I am putting more effort into preparing my meals and snacks through the day. This has definitely resulted in more variety and enthusiasm towards the food in my lunch box (hello ham and eggs on toasted Sourdough), and less of a desire for junk food and unnecessary carbohydrates. I definitely want to expand on this in another post to come. 

I’m also noticing that my total daily dose of insulin is now both lower and more consistent, which can only be a good sign!

Which brings me to now. I am nervous. I have absolutely no idea whether I have done enough to make a dent in my hba1c. I’m trying not to be too unrealistic about my expectations, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have high hopes. If my average glucose readings are anything to go by, I’m expecting that I’ll be sitting around half a point lower to where I was in August.

I’m determined to make these last two weeks count. And not because I’m scrambling, like I did back in my diabetes juvie days. I’m watching my FreeStyle Libre reader like a hawk, and making those last minute improvements that will hopefully make all the difference.

I am absolutely dying to find out where my hba1c is sitting right now. Crossing my fingers and toes for November 9…

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