1. Medtronic have a 24 hour , 7 days per week, customer service, full express replacement within 24hours, no questions asked and the cgm has good bgl reliability and is cheaper then the Free Style Libra.

    I guess my only disappointment with this whole Freestyle Libra was the build up to an “affordable” way to monitor via scanning. I have never used it so i cannot comment on it’s reliability rate but you can asked the company for the data they must hold on it’s reliability rating and who did the research.

    I had some concerns and Medtronic immediately took affirmative action and have found them to be highly professional.

    Good to get some feedback on the Freestyle Libra. Thanks Frank

  2. Rick Phillips

    I agree Frank. I try to only do business with companies with a 24 / 7 customer support service.

    I referred your blog to the TUDiabetes.org blog page for the week of August 1, 2016.

  3. Jesús

    Thanks for your blogs and posts about Diabetes, Frank.
    I’ve been using FreeStyle Libre from 4 months now. I faced many problems with sensors, but also with readers. Three readers up to now have died after an error message like you describe here. I’m getting crazy with the readers. After these three died, i’m starting to think that the charger provided by FreeStyle within the reader box doesn’t provide the right current for the reader and this sooner or later crashes. I had to call FreeStyle support all that times and ask for a replacement. No problem on that, support is quite good when these problems happen.

    • Thanks for reading. Ive also heard that the reader can be temperature sensitive if you’re in an extreme climate. But yes, in my experience customer service have been excellent. Were they able to fix the problem with your reader?

      • Jesús

        Well last months were Winter here in Spain, the last 2 were Spring. But we are having very smooth temperatures here. I think the problem is more related with the power supply. Chargers should be introducing some problems when charging the reader. Maybe some overcurrent 🙁 no idea.
        The solution with the faulty reader is as the previous ones just to send me a replacement. After sending the faulty one back to the company, I don’t know how they fix it.

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