Hey, Sydney.

Today, I’m attending my first “official” diabetes event since I started my blog. I’m headed to Abbott’s Diabetes Exchange Program in Sydney, where I’ll learn more about the FreeStyle Libre which is launching in Australia soon.

What is the FreeStyle Libre, you ask? It’s a glucose monitor that measures blood glucose readings by “scanning” a small round sensor worn on the arm, rather than traditional finger pricking. I wrote about it in more detail over here.

I’m just an ordinary guy living with diabetes. While I don’t blog for the perks and the recognition, it’s a huge testament to my writing here that I would be included in such an event. These sorts of things never happen to me, so yeah it’s a big deal.

I’m also really excited for the opportunity to meet some of the folks in the Oz Diabetes Online Community who will also be present. While I love the Diabetes Online Community, these guys mean the most to me out of all of my DOC connections being closer to home. I watch their activity online with great interest and I try to follow their example when writing about diabetes here.

Which brings me to some disclosures. Abbott has paid for my travel and accommodation expenses to and from Sydney. I have been given a FreeStyle Libre reader and 2 sensors free of charge. There is no expectation that I will blog about the Freestyle Libre or anything else discussed at the event. I have not been paid to write anything. Any opinions expressed here and on social media are voluntary and remain my own. I have actually had to take time off work to attend this event.

You can follow along using the hashtag #DX2Sydney on Twitter later today, and keep an eye on my Facebook page, which you can ‘like’ here.

While I’m on the topic of travel, can I just say that Lost has ruined my life forever? I’m obsessing over the diabetes supplies I’m packing, wondering whether they will be enough to last me if I were stranded on a tropical island! Not to mention that stupid ending in the church…

See you soon, Sydney.

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  1. I have been using freestyle Libre for a while .. I have helped my local hospital with sharing my results although I fund everything myself .. In my opinion PLEASE BE AWARE this machine doesn’t completely replace finger pricking devices as its not totally reliable and you still need to test when you have low and high readings .. Also a number of people are having skin reactions myself now one of them.. If used as a back up for quick testing bearing in mind not accurate it’s a great machine .. So be aware to also always carry Testing strips too !! Have a safe trip 🌻 .

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