1. karend1

    If your insurance covers it you should try it but IMHO it is just another form of insulin delivery. It does make diabetes easier but it is not a cure and I still struggle daily. True diabetes triumph is low carbs.

  2. There certainly are a lot of things to take into consideration before choosing a pump, and it’s a big decision to make. It took me some time to take the leap, and while it did take some time to get everything calibrated to my specific needs, I honestly would never go back to injections willingly. I always found adjusting Lantus doses to be difficult and I just didn’t like having to inject in public.

    Your remarks about the pump being just another form of insulin delivery made me think, and in the sense of long-term, I guess it could be true. My A1C levels did get better after being on the pump, but they only got significantly better after I started with the CGM. However, while it could be considered just another form of insulin delivery, I find it to be a much easier form than MDIs when it comes to decision-making and being active. Basal rates can be set accordingly depending on activity and insulin sensitivity throughout the day and you can Bolus in increments of as little as 0.05 units of insulin.

    Obviously, we all have different needs and preferences. I hope you figure out what you think would be the best choice for your own management. You’re definitely asking the right questions 🙂

  3. sandra

    Hi Frank, interesting read on your thoughts for the pump. I agree that it is another way to deliver insulin. I have also noticed that a large percentage that do go on to pumping do struggle with gaining good BGL or struggle with injections and a good diet. Personally I do not like the pump I do not like the idea of a device delivering insulin, I like the control I have on needles. Injecting in public has never been an issue, in fact people actually ask what I am doing, this gives me an opportunity to explain about T1. If you are undecided though do what I did contact the pump company and ask for a trial one, see how you go on it and then go from there. At the end of the trial if you are still unsure, then the pump isn’t for you.

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