Finding My Voice Inside, and Outside of the #DOC

One hundred posts ago, I knew nothing about diabetes beyond my own ability to live with and manage it. I was diagnosed at an age where I was able to manage diabetes independently, and didn’t need to impose what I believed to be a burden on my family.

My Mum accompanied me to all of my hospital clinic appointments and diabetes education sessions during the first year after my diagnosis. But once that first year was over and my appointments became less frequent, I began to shut my Mum out too. She would ask me how my blood sugar levels were going from time to time, and I would give vague answers. I made sure to reply in a way that she would notice bothered me. I didn’t want to talk about diabetes. I didn’t want to tell her that my numbers were imperfect. I didn’t want her to worry. And most of all, I didn’t want to impose that burden of diabetes on anyone else but myself.

I barely knew anyone with diabetes in real life. I didn’t have anyone who actually “gets” it. Every time I tried to explain diabetes to someone, I felt like I was trapped in a bubble and my voice was coming out muffled on the outside.

My doctor would always tell me “you need to get your blood sugar levels down.” He never showed a shred of understanding to what I was going through. He never asked me how I was. Or how I was coping.

Sometimes keeping diabetes to myself felt like the easier option. That was, until this blog came along. That was, until the Diabetes Online Community came into my life.

This blog has given me a voice, and a space to express those feelings that I kept to myself for so long. It’s ignited an interest, and a passion for diabetes advocacy that I never knew existed.

If there’s a conversation happening in the real world, I feel more confident to add my diabetes perspective to it. If something interesting has happened, I’ll happily bring it up at the dinner table. And most of all, I feel so motivated to write and to share here every day. Have I become the person who shouts diabetes to the world at every opportunity? No. But this blog has definitely given me the confidence to talk diabetes much more in my real life than I ever have in the past.

It’s also given me a whole community of other people with diabetes that I never knew existed. A community that motivates and inspires me every day. A community that has given me a cushion of support to soften my landing during times where I feel like I’m falling. A Diabetes Online Community that I’m so proud to be a part of.

Today marks the one hundreth post on this blog, and I really can’t thank you enough. For reading, for supporting and for accepting me into this wonderful community. Each day I want to pinch myself because it doesn’t feel real. I will be forever grateful to have found it.

One hundred posts ago, I felt alone with my diabetes. Today, I feel fulfilled.

I have found my voice, and I’m here to stay.

Here’s to a hundred more.

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