1. Hi Frank. Your not alone, I can tell you that the general Diabetic population feels the same way. We are attempting to mimic very fine body processes at a chemical level and we have limited tools and knowledge to do it, true we can always improve but don’t be hard on yourself because a lot of people would have packed it in by now! If you need support mate, call out anytime because it goes around and one day others may need to lean on you for support. Have an awesome day champ.

  2. Ryan from DiabetesDailyGrind

    Good stuff man. Sometimes it takes us awhile to find footing to climb into better control. Been there many a time.

  3. Ivan

    Hang in there Frank. I’m Type 2 but the things that you say have resonance with me. I’m fortunate that I have a very supportive wife who doesn’t judge me and listens to all of my rants. There one thing I would suggest to you – we’ve hooked up with a Diabetes educator rather than an Endo. She’s quite supportive and does take time to hear me out and offer practical suggestions. I get 6 monthly visits with her on a Chronic Disease Care Plan through our doctor so we try to span her out each 2 months over the year. Perhaps this might help a bit. I get really down at times because all I seem to think about day to day is my life with diabetes, and there got to be more to life than that! Take care mate.

    • Thanks Ivan. I agree with you there, my diabetes educator was a great support system for those more emotional aspects of diabetes. Ive lost touch with mine since I learned all there is to know, but I should probably get back in touch. Thanks so much 🙂

  4. I’m glad to hear that you’re pushing forward and getting the help you need. Good luck and I hope you’re feeling better (whatever you define that as) soon.

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