1. Hi Frank, I must admit that I felt sad when I saw that poster. I think my son (like you) does an amazing job managing his diabetes whilst living a full and happy life. I would hate him to see this and be worried by it.

  2. bec atkinson

    Our son was diagnosed at 6 months old now 11 months and I have avoided ” linking in ” with support groups and parents alike for the last 5 months .

    I don’t agree with scare tactics or constantly emphasising the negative side to being diabetic. My view has been scolded at, and I have definitely felt like I’ve rocked a boat .

    With HOPE he has a future with diabetes…With the current campaign he has a life ruled by diabetes

    • Hi Bec, I Just wanted to let you know that a lot of other parents weren’t happy with that campaign either, and there were loads of complaints on Diabetes Australia’s Facebook page last month. Don’t ever feel guilty for your opinion. We are all entitled to one. If others aren’t going to be supportive then they’re not worth your time. I can’t begin to imagine what you are going through, but if you ever want to vent I am here. It does get easier and diabetes certainly won’t stop your son from doing the things he wants to do. Take care.

  3. Richard

    It’s odd, over the last 2 – 21/2 years the supportive messaging that used to be used, by Diabetes UK and other worldwide groups seems to have been diminishing. Instead now we’re getting a daily diet of: “The end is nigh, your life as you knew it are over.” Well, I’m here 38 years after and everything still works, I still cycle everyday, still swim, still live in the face of what they’re making out to be a death sentence. At the end of the day Diabetes and life are going to have to come at me with more than that to make a difference.

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