First they Bagged Fat. Then Sugar. Now Carbs.


I’m going to go on a bit of a rant today. If you don’t agree with this, I completely respect that. We are all different and have different things that work and don’t work with our diabetes. This is only my humble opinion.

Years ago, the experts were bagging fat. So people stopped eating dairy and everyone hopped on the “low fat” bandwagon. Then people started developing osteoporosis and joint pains from a lack of calcium. People began to put on weight and we discovered that the fat in low fat products was replaced with sugar (thanks, That Sugar Film). So although they’ve done a complete backflip on fat, something else has to replace it in the firing line, right?

Carbs. Yes, now it seems to be the carbohydrates coming under attack. The biggest indicator of this was the changes made to the Food Pyramid last week (click here to read more). Foods like breads, cereals and pastas were demoted to the ‘moderate’ section of the pyramid, despite previously being deemed healthy.

And to a lesser degree, Fruit. Now I have to hear things like “don’t eat more than 2 pieces of fruit per day” on the news. And why? Because apparently fruit has too much sugar in it. Natural sugar, no less.

And while I’m at it, all those caveman style diets – tell me, how long did the caveman actually used to live back in those days?

And all these allergies we seem to have today – I reckon half the problem is children not being exposed to enough of a variety in their diet.

And the liquid diets – please tell me, how do you not go hungry?

My point being, the experts can never seem to get it right. And I’m sick of being told what I can and can’t eat. Believe me, in a few years they’ll be telling us to eat junk food!

Yes, I am conscious of the sugar, fat and carbohydrate content when making my food choices. But I’ve never tried to cut any of them out completely. And for me, its not realistic. I know myself. I might be able to do it for a few days, maybe a week. And then I’ll just end up falling off of the wagon and binge eating again.

So, you want to know what’s my secret? Everything in moderation. Good knowledge of the foods I eat and their response on my blood sugar levels. Knowing how to respond with insulin. Having a treat every once in a while. Enjoying that restaurant meal. And trying my very best to eat healthy for the rest of the time.

Because if there’s one thing that diabetes will not stop me from doing, its enjoying my food.

8 thoughts on “First they Bagged Fat. Then Sugar. Now Carbs.

  1. It is annoying to have our understanding of good nutrition based on “science” and then find out there was no real scientific data to back it up. I agree, moderation or balance is definitely the key and knowing how foods effect your body and blood sugars. Good post.

  2. My change is based on how my body reactes to the food I consume and what it does to my blood sugar, this is how everyone should choose their foods, based on how they feel and not how people say they should feel.

  3. Nice blog Frank. Yes to everything in moderation with a big thumbs up to eat real food too. For me it’s about treats being just that, not part of everyday. I agree with Carmygee too about the lack of science, seems like the biggest bunch of wool pulled over the biggest collection of eyes.

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