I Never

I’ve never pricked my finger without washing my hands first.

I’ve never swapped an infusion site without rubbing an alcohol wipe over dry skin first.

I’ve never thrown a syringe in the bin because a sharps container couldn’t be found.

I’ve never left an infusion site on my stomach for longer than three days.

I’ve never pushed a pen needle beneath my skin more than just the once.

I’ve never seen a purple bruise from injecting into the same spot.

I’ve never had more than two hypos in a single week.

I’ve never treated a low blood sugar with chocolate, biscuits or cake.

I’ve never given more insulin than what my bolus calculator suggested.

I’ve never worn a sensor on my arm, or Libre on my leg.

I’ve never refilled a cartridge that’s already been used.

I’ve never filled my reservoir with more than three days of insulin that I would use.

I’ve never left the house before without my backup gear.

I’ve never forgotten to write down in my logbook a single blood glucose reading.

I’ve never walked off to the bathroom to test or give myself an injection.

I’ve never attempted to minimise the impact of diabetes when talking to family and friends.

I’ve never lied to a healthcare professional, for fear of their reaction.

I’ve never trusted another person with diabetes, especially those I know from the internet.

I’ve never failed to correct an ignorant diabetes comment.

I’ve never used diabetes as an excuse to get out of something I didn’t want to be doing.

I’ve never for a minute doubted that diabetes might be able to stop me.

I’ve never wavered in my faith of a cure being just five more years away.