Hi. How are you?

I’m still here. In the midst of everything going on at the moment, blogging and popping my head into the DOC now and then hasn’t exactly been at the forefront of my mind.

My need for news has definitely increased in recent weeks. Most of my phone activity of late has shifted toward the ABC’s excellent coverage, especially their live blog covering all of the key developments of the day in one place as they happen. Diabetes Australia’s updates also continue to do a fantastic job at keeping me both informed and reassured, even though social media has been on the back burner.

My need for connection and peer support has never been more important. My family helps me to make sense of this through many conversations over coffees and mealtimes. I’m checking in with friends, particularly thinking about some of my older ones whom I no longer work with. Going into work and being able to talk with my team mates and laugh over customer antics of the day is also extremely helpful in this department.

Most importantly, I need to keep myself aware of the current and ever changing health guidelines in order to keep myself safe during this time of crisis, just like any other person.

Diabetes has felt pretty insignificant in the context of what’s unfolding in the world right now. Quite honestly, I don’t feel any more concerned than I would if I didn’t have diabetes.

However, I am finding it difficult when people are asking me if I am worried, or if I am being ‘careful.’ I work really hard to take good care of myself each day, and now is no different. Even though I don’t need to prove this to anyone other than myself, it’s kind of disheartening that this is so unbelievable to the outside world.

I am also finding it difficult seeing so much content trying to editorialise diabetes and the coronavirus. I’m not even remotely interested in reading, hearing or giving into speculation of what a combination of diabetes and coronavirus might look like. All I will be paying attention to is the general health advice that everyone should be following right now.

I’m also finding it difficult hearing everyone making such a fuss about their safety away from home, when I don’t have much of a choice but to go to work each day to a job I’m extremely lucky to have. So, a massive shout out to all of the front line workers right now who are out there working under extremely difficult conditions, and rarely complain about doing so. Thank you.

I’m also busy chipping away at uni. It’s been a year since I embarked on this journey, and I’m grateful at how ‘settled’ I am with this routine compared to a year ago.

I’m getting outside as much as I can, and am very much looking forward to some cooler weather.

I’m also looking forward to a much needed Easter long weekend, and some much needed chocolate.

I’ll try to check in a bit more often, as time allows.

Stay safe, stay healthy and keep talking to each other.