My Diabetes Family

Family. What would I do without them.

My own family have provided me with an exceptionally solid grounding to be able to live with, and manage my diabetes, really well. They have gone above and beyond to provide me with everything I need to manage my diabetes really, really well. A blood glucose meter, test strips, insulin, jelly beans, private health insurance, an insulin pump, consumables, food on the table, a roof over my head and good values, to name a few.

Sure, as I’ve grown older I’ve shouldered a great deal more of these responsibilities, but Mum and Dad have helped me out significantly. And have always made it clear that if I ever need some assistance, that I can come to them.

They respect my boundaries when it comes to managing my diabetes independently – and I know how hard that must be. I can’t imagine how they would feel watching me stare intensely into my pump, hearing the clicks of a lancing device, or casually placing a few orange glucose tabs into my mouth mid conversation. I can only liken it to my own feelings when I see members of my own family unwell – and I know I don’t like that one bit.

They’ve supported this blog, my diabetes adventures and taken an interest when I come home eagerly talking about what I got up to or what I have learned.

Over the years, I’ve also been lucky enough to find a second family of people. They’re affectionately known as the DOC in my mind (and that’s ‘doc’ and not ‘D-O-C’), but definitely spans the broader diabetes community as well.

When I first began actively using Twitter a few years ago, I never would have guessed that diabetes would become such a big part of my life through the people I’ve linked up with locally, interstate and even globally. People with diabetes, and people supporting other people with diabetes. I am so grateful for your conversations and your insights that continue to broaden my perspectives on diabetes and challenge my thought processes.

Largely, my diabetes family are the people who simply ‘get’ it. The people who are walking the same path that I have. The people who I can message, knowing that they’re probably thinking exactly what I am thinking. The people who have inspired me to continue to manage my diabetes in the best way that I can. The people who have made the great big world around me much, much smaller.

It’s World Diabetes Day, and this year sees the second of a two-year focus on the role that families can play in supporting a person with diabetes, from both Diabetes Australia and the International Diabetes Federation.

Cheers to #mydiabetesfamily.

Happy World Diabetes Day.


  1. Pat Keating

    I hate having to check my BGLS continually but hey at least we are alive and can manage this disease. We have to be grateful we also live in the lucky Country where we at least get some help. Alot of Countries get nothing. God bless all 🥰🥰

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